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Not So Big Home Plans for Sale

The plans for Sarah Susanka's house in Minnesota are available for purchase online.
Pricing and ordering information.

Lower Level Plan

Front Elevation


Main Level Plan

Rear Elevation


Upper Level Plan

Side Elevation

Click on image to enlarge.


Color and form are important features of this house, which includes living space in the roof and is compact rather than sprawling.


A steeply sloped site transforms what would normally be the basement into desirable living space. Windows in the lower level are low to the ground and offer views of the river bluff and surrounding woods and parkland that are as appealing as those on the main and upper levels.


The everyday entrance to the house is more than just the back door--it is welcoming and beautiful.

Front Entry

The house illustrates a play on a theme and variation, using a form (the circle) and a material (glass block). Above the front door there's a large translucent window in the shape of a partial circle, directly centered below the ridge of the roof. A frame of 12-inch glass blocks accentuates the framed opening around the door.


The house has hundreds of special details, including a rope and a tree trunk as a stair railing and a load-bearing column.


The house features adaptable spaces open to one another, designed for everyday use.


Long diagonal views give the sense that the house is larger than it really is. The kitchen is the heart of the house, connected to the living and dining areas; it's a great gathering place for family and friends.

Living Room

Instead of a formal living room and dining room that are used only occasionally, the house has beautiful informal spaces that are used every day but also serve well for entertaining guests.


Special lighting makes it possible for the dining area to do double duty, serving equally well for everyday use and for formal occasions.


The kitchen is opened to the rest of the house, integrating it visually.

Dining Room

The built-in eating area adjacent to the kitchen has been designed to serve both formal and informal occasions, so there's no need for a separate formal dining room.


This bathroom serves both the master bedroom and guest bedroom on the upper level. Rather than build two separate bathrooms, resources were combined to make the bathroom as beautiful as possible.


An alcove will make any room do double duty by creating a space within a larger area. This room has two alcoves--one for reading and watching television, the other is an extension of the main sitting area and a great place for plants or sitting and watching the wildlife in the woods beyond.


Flanked by the side of a built-in cabinet, this television is designed to be visible only when sitting in the alcove. From the adjacent living area, you don't even know it's there.

Master Bedroom

Floor plans are deceptive because they show only two dimensions. When a ceiling height varies, there's nothing on the plan to tell us so. This skylight alcove simply looks like more floor space on the plan, yet in the photo you can see that its character is very different from the rest of the room because of the sloped ceiling and low kneewall.


The spacious home office on the lower level is filled with light and is as interesting and comfortable as the rest of the house.

Attic Stairs Back
Bathroom Sink
Stairs Landing

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