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The Not So Big House book series by Sarah Susanka brings to light a new way of thinking about what makes a place feel like home - characteristics many people desire in their homes and their lives, but haven't known how to verbalize. How big is Not So Big? Not So Big doesn't necessarily mean small. It means not as big as you thought you needed, but designed and built to perfectly suit the way you live.


Not So Big Bungalow

Like its 20th Century precursor, Sarah Susanka's latest house plan, The Not So Big Bungalow, is built better rather than bigger. Designed for today's informal lifestyles, it's filled with personality and the small details that can turn a house into Home. The Not So Big Bungalow is designed to be built with energy efficient SIPs panels, and the plans are now available through

To learn about the features of the Not So Big Bungalow, check out these articles:
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The Not So Big House:
A Blueprint for the Way We Really Live –
10th Anniversary Edition

Sarah Susanka's best-selling first book, The Not So Big House has given homeowners the language they need to ask for the house that they want: a house that values quality over quantity and that emphasizes comfort, beauty, and a high level of detail. This 10th anniversary edition features a new cover, a new introduction and a new chapter.

Hardcover available at»
Paperback available at»

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Not So Big Remodeling

Not So Big Remodeling:
Tailoring Your Home for the Way You Really Live

Not So Big Remodeling shows you how to apply the Not So Big principles to your existing house, allowing you to discover that you don't have to build new to create a home that fits the way you really live.

Go to the Not So Big Remodeling page»
See before & after images of Sarah's own Not So Big Remodeling.

Hardcover available at Amazon».
Paperback available at Amazon».

More Not So Big Solutions for Your Home

More Not So Big Solutions for Your Home
This book is a collection of articles that Sarah wrote and illustrated originally for Inspired House Magazine. With attainable home improvements such as how to use color, how to unify an interior with trim, and how to design a laundry room that works, this compilation is packed with highly detailed and practical solutions to everyday home design challenges.

View the Table of Contents»
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Available at»

The Not So Big Life

The Not So Big Life
Sarah's Not So Big House series shows us how to change our lives by fully inhabiting our homes. The Not So Big Life takes this philosophy a giant step further, showing us how to change the way we live by fully inhabiting each moment of our lives.
Available at»

Go to The Not So Big Life web site»

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